Published on September 26, 2005 By Hippie In Object Desktop
I just paid for Object Desktop in June. $39.95. I have had OD for at least a couple of years, and now their wanting to charge me again for WB5. That's not a good thing. You will lose me as a customer, and probably others. Think about it for a while.
on Sep 26, 2005
I just responded to your comment in the other thread.
on Sep 27, 2005
LOL, you'll get 5 as long as u have an OD subscription
on Sep 27, 2005
If you purchased Object Desktop, you are all set. If you purchased WINDOWBLINDS v4 ONLY (or earlier), then you do not get version 5 for free.
on Sep 27, 2005
Users who have Object Desktop will be able to try out the beta next Tuesday (Oct 4).

How can you read that as wanting to charge you again?

on Sep 27, 2005
Reading is difficult isn't it?

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