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June 28, 2007 by Hippie
Is it possible to have XP, Linux, and Vista on the same drive for different Operating Systems. I have plenty of room, so that is not a problem. Can I slice up 3 partions, I guess is my question? Also, how hard is this going to be, and in which order should I start?
January 3, 2007 by Hippie
I was wondering, not trying to rush anyone, but when the Heavy equipment WB would come out. I'm not interested in the boot, logon. and all the other stuff, just the WB;s
May 6, 2006 by Hippie
I,m just curious. What has been the top DLed WB, of all time. Also, what has been the to top DL since WB5?
April 21, 2006 by Hippie
What are the BEST DLing music sites?
March 23, 2006 by Hippie
How many birthdays have you had. Bonus for the correct answer.
September 26, 2005 by Hippie
I just paid for Object Desktop in June. $39.95. I have had OD for at least a couple of years, and now their wanting to charge me again for WB5. That's not a good thing. You will lose me as a customer, and probably others. Think about it for a while.
June 5, 2005 by Hippie
Have any of you ever had an EX that just won't leave you alone? I have been divorced for 15 years, and she still calls, I think it's becase she knows the buttons to push to really piss me off. I either don't answer, I have an answeing machine and screen all my calls. She called me 15 times last night. Anyone have a sugestion?
April 12, 2005 by Hippie
Hi everyone. i kinda disappeared for a while. I started this way back in 2001 02. Whenever it started. Anyhow, I did'nt think it would catch on as good as it did, and therefore, I just kinda forgot about it. I fairly knowledgeable on cumputers, so, If I can give any help I will. I think Stardock annd Wincustomize are the greatest sites on the net. I just reupped my Object Desktop account. So, like I say if I can ofer any help, just let me know. By the way, I'm also a Guitar player from way back....
March 23, 2005 by Hippie
I was just curious if anyone else noticed a slow down with either of these products. Cursor XP makes my computer run very slow, and it "loses" things. I don't quite know how to explain that, you'll just have to take my word for it. By the way I do love Cursor XP, but can't use it. As for rainlender, it slows my computer, and when I try to watch my TV, I have to stop it. I have found some very good replacements for Rainlender, so that's not a big problem. Just curious if it was me or other peopl...
October 26, 2003 by Hippie
I don't understand why when a "beta" of something comes out, everyone, including me, rushes to download it. I think it's like buying a computer that's not quite finished. Wait.....that was a bad anology, because there is'nt any such thing as a "finished computer". How about, like buying a house, but they don,t have the doors on yet. Why can't they wait till the product is finished. Like I've said before, I love object Desktop, but when I bought it in May, they were saying "The New Desktop X 2. I...
October 24, 2003 by Hippie
I'm no genius. I just think that everyone needs to take a DEEP BREATH, and start again. At the pace Electronics are changing, people can't keep up. The computer people need to slack off a little, and let the world catch up. I don't care how"up" you are on this stuff, you are about three years behind. I am a technology nut. Software on the internet is rampant. People add a little button, and charge you another $50 for it. Case in point, I just bought Object Desktop. I love it. It is just so cool....
October 24, 2003 by Hippie
Winamp 5. Makes you wonder what happened to 4. Well, 2 and 3 are 5. Now that that's cleared up, Winamp 5 is very cool. I have had it since the beta, now I've got the alpha and it's even better. I have always used MusicMatch. Swore by it. It's good for making CD's. It sounds a little better, but Winamp 5 is just cool. All that said, I DLed iTunes the other day. I was surprized. It's easy to operate, and sounds pretty good, by the way I have a SoundBlaster Live, and it amazes me that you get a dif...
October 24, 2003 by Hippie
Hi. I'm an old hippie that likes computers and music, so if I can help you out on any of these subjects, or you just want to complain about something. This is the place. Peace. HippieAs a side note, I don't seem to be getting the comments. Don't Know what the problem is.