Published on June 5, 2005 By Hippie In Personal Relationships
Have any of you ever had an EX that just won't leave you alone? I have been divorced for 15 years, and she still calls, I think it's becase she knows the buttons to push to really piss me off. I either don't answer, I have an answeing machine and screen all my calls. She called me 15 times last night. Anyone have a sugestion?
on Jun 05, 2005
Hire a couple of thugs to go round and scare the shit outta her
on Jun 05, 2005
First call your local phone company, then call the sheriff's dept. or police and ask
for them to tap your line, and be willing to sign a complaint. You can also get a restraining
order, sometimes the Sheriff's dept. serves those right where the person works. That might
be good for starters, I don't know how much it would cost you to then get your phone number
changed and have it unlisted and unpublished. No court system in our country can force you
to give up that number to a private party, I know as I've been down this road.....
on Jun 06, 2005
Has she been calling you regularly like this for fifteen years? Obviously not. You will probably need to find out what it was that triggered these episodes to start.
on Jun 06, 2005
.... I agree. First find out why she would call you in a sudden barage of calls.

Do you have kids with this person?

Once you do your investigation on just what is what and why, take care of it. From calling the Sherrif ot filing a civil complaint.

15 years is a long time for an EX to keep calling. She is either crazy, still in love, or you 'put it down' in the bedroom and she want some of dat tang!
on Jun 07, 2005
CRAZY. That's it. Yes. Thank you.
on Jun 07, 2005
She has been doing it for 15 years. It's worse than drug's. I don't answer, she just keep's calling. SHE IS AN ALCOHOLIC. That is the problem. Thanks.