Published on April 21, 2006 By Hippie In Internet
What are the BEST DLing music sites?
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on Apr 22, 2006
Adamness, your link passed the test. I shoud note that does not work with Opera but when I logged on with IE everything wwent fine. $15.29 US for the album. That's more than $3 cheaper than I could order the CD for and no shipping on top of that. I'm curious as to what the codec is. Looks like it mught be proprietary to Media Player (wmv) but at 470-1100 bit rate it's CD quality. Thanks.
on Apr 23, 2006
virgin digital is VERY cheap (cheapest subscription service anyway, as long as you have windows and your mp3 player is subscription compatible, possibly with a firmware upgrade).
the player itself is horrid, so after i download from virgin, i use windows media player to sync with my zen micro and to play the music on my computer.
on Apr 24, 2006
I'd be very careful buying music from a Russian mp3 store.  Better keep an eye on those credit card statements.
on May 02, 2006
Try if you are willing to search for a while. I have found some very good songs posted for free by artists. The have lots of genres, easy sampling and more. I have wasted many hours there.
on May 02, 2006
I use iTunes, although I have used MusicMatch, Napster, and Rhapsody in the past. I also use Limewire if I can't find it on iTunes. Whatever you do, DON'T USE KAZAA! It can effectively nuke your system from the amount of spyware it installs on your system. Believe me. I know.
on May 08, 2006
iTunes, cause none of the other australian services work with iPods.
on May 08, 2006
Limewire is nice and speedy on my 56k connection. Oddly enough, the usual download speed is 70~80kb/s (btw, how is that possible if I have a 56k?).

Anyway, the new Imesh 6.0 is awesome. It has switched from downloading ANY files, to just downloading music. It its very fast, good quality, and I have had no problems playing them in foobar2000 (not sure about other media players). Download speed is pretty fast also (not as fast as limewire).

My vote goes to limewire, but you said it's slow :-/