Free Computer Help or How to make the thing work
Published on October 24, 2003 By Hippie In Personal Computing
Hi. I'm an old hippie that likes computers and music, so if I can help you out on any of these subjects, or you just want to complain about something. This is the place. Peace. Hippie As a side note, I don't seem to be getting the comments. Don't Know what the problem is.
on Oct 24, 2003
he is really good. he knows alot about computers. has helped me.
on Oct 24, 2003
Do you know anything bout WinME (besides the default, knee-jerk reaction of "get rid of that OS")? I have been having trouble running Stardock apps and I think there is something corrupt in my WinME config. Even Kris has said that he has never seen the error messages I've been getting.
If you do want to get involved please send me an email. I think you can get my email from my profile - if not, I'll post another reply here.Thanks - Einy
on Oct 24, 2003
Ok - it isn't there so I'll post it here *nervously looks both ways for spammers*

einstein47 at

And thanks again.
on Oct 24, 2003
Hi. How you doing. I had Me, well, I've had3.1,95,98,98se, ME, and finally,Xp. I have seen some strange stuff in Me, so let me know what the problem is, and I'll see what I can do. Just give me a day or so. Thanx. Hippie