Published on October 24, 2003 By Hippie In Current Events
I'm no genius. I just think that everyone needs to take a DEEP BREATH, and start again. At the pace Electronics are changing, people can't keep up. The computer people need to slack off a little, and let the world catch up. I don't care how"up" you are on this stuff, you are about three years behind. I am a technology nut. Software on the internet is rampant. People add a little button, and charge you another $50 for it. Case in point, I just bought Object Desktop. I love it. It is just so cool. When I ordered it, I got a 2002 CD. No problem, I've kept up with updates, but they tell me I have to purchase it again to get 2004. What's wrong with this picture. Enough complaining. If you have any computer problems, or just wanna chew the fat, contact me. Peace. Hippie
on Oct 24, 2003
What are you talking about? Object Desktop 2004 is just a compilation. If you alrady have Object Desktop you have Object Desktop 2004.
on Oct 25, 2003
The Object Desktop was just an example. What I'm saying is, you go buy a piece of software at any store, come home and install it, then get on the internet, and I will bet that there is already an update. I've done it to many times. It's like buying a car, and going home and finding out they have better brakes for only $300 more. I mean think about it. Like I said the Object Desktop was just an example. If you think about it, practically anything you buy off the internet needs an update by the time you get it downloaded. Hope this clears it up for you " Confused". I thought it was pretty straight forward, and if you own Object Desktop, in a year or less you will have to buy it again, or quit updating. Peace. Hippie